Inner City Vagabond

by Marven Lim

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A mockery of my own ability to overthink.


released January 24, 2019

recording + music + painting by marven lim


all rights reserved



Marven Lim Melbourne, Australia


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Track Name: Defeated spiel
I have been in space
quietly listening
to your feet
jangle away

I wish that I could disappear
whenever I feel anything
sheltered and alone
how are you feeling today

watch your eyes go blind
please don’t forget
to easily die
you must feel everything
Track Name: Discombobulation Station
I wait in fear of
day to day frustrations
respecting someone
you half know
that you worship
like a god
blind communication
is what we have got

he's a master

lost in a
repudiative primal dream
an obscene desire
to survive
count the colours
in the sky

he's a master
simple misdirection
Track Name: Sad Mister Pan
sad mister pan
is on his way
eating clay
sad mister pan
in his suit
bloody shoes

he is fine
when he dies
quick and easy
no one cried

sad mister pan
missed his shift
couldn’t give a shit
sad mister pan
went quite mad
though wasn’t sad
Track Name: Inner City Vagabond
the inner city vagabond
trudges through unfamiliar town
he is unsure of his location

most these days
he wastes away
and knows he should

the constantly upset witness
trembles in response to us
and god he hopes his cause is just

awaken my sheltered mind
though I am not here
but oh I do miss you my dear

the wasting time
does make me cry
though there are no tears
but oh how I miss you my dear

the unrelenting ignorance
shrinks away from vile lust
he is devoid of purest love
Track Name: Dotage
a collective thought of the season of my brain
it's just like me to think i'm not insane
just like the lamb I don’t have no damn clue
what the hell i'm saying or what i'm supposed to do

just like the lace that is loosened from my shoe
you tell me stay but I don’t want to choose
i don’t fake my drunkness anymore
but I fake too much else to really be sure

so I take my hands up off the road
because time will leave me buried in the snow
but the river pulls me down into its bed
but she don’t need to drown what is already dead
Track Name: I Don't Mind
in my restlessness
overrun in death
void of meaning
in my dreaming

there is chirping
in the earliest morning

who am I to say
i don’t mind

what is heartache
there is no place
to find solace
when your older

I cannot confess
that I don’t mind

green flamingo
cares who you know
stare at the face
distorted landscape

where the future
takes a user
in her dreaming
awashes meaning

if she is unhappy
well i don't mind
Track Name: You And Me
i would like to reply
if possible
maybe tomorrow
or the next day

well its easier said then done
no one loves truly

for you and me

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